Saturday, March 26, 2011


Thursday, March 24, 2011


Six weeks until turkey season, an upcoming church and the opening of MO David North in the works, and what is on my mind? The exploitation of friends, family and congregation. Exploitation is a funny word. It has such negative connotation at first reading. Lets go to Webster's. "A daring act. A bold deed. 1. To make use of. 2. To make unethical use of for one's own profit." Well, as I read this, in the negative sense, the word doesn't really apply. When have I ever made a profit off of anybody unethically (or ethically for that matter)? Not that I wouldn't be open to it. It just never seems to happen. So years ago I just stopped trying. But still I like the word. So why not own it baby?
   I'm lucky enough to know a few supermodels. And I've even taken a couple hunting. This was the inspiration of the blog. Do I use the image of a beautiful woman in various states of undress to keep readers coming back for the more mundane musing of middle aged hillbilly trying to keep his hand in the game? Damn straight. Is this exploitation mutual? I think so. That's a model's business. Their image is their cache. Do I make a profit? No. In the 80's I took artists' work (both known and unknown) and painted over it with various colors. I made their work mine. It was bold and daring. Some artists were OK with it. Other artists got really pissed. They felt exploited. Did I sell any? No. Over the years I've had bands, exploiting the musical ability of others to get across my songs and formed a church where dollars are burned for everyone's amusement. Am I a cult leader or even a traditional minister who asks the congregation to give up worldly possessions or tithe 10%? No way. Burn a buck and join the party. I'm easy.
  And now I am revisiting a piece I concocted years ago- MO David. This is a gallery that shows other artists, as well as two fake ones I invented. Once again I'm lucky enough to know some really good artists. It is traditional for a gallery to take 40 or 50% of the price of an artwork upon sale. Why shouldn't I take my fee off the back end?  Not only do I use other artist's art in my work, I've found a way to use other artist's careers. MO David North looks good only if our roster looks good. All of my artists, as well as my partner in this venture- Shewho, have better careers than I do. I need them way more than they need me.  Will I finally make unethical use of another for my profit? I sure as hell hope so. Let the exploitation begin.