Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Bucks go into rut twice a year; once in early to mid November, The again in late December. If you hunt you get in tune with this and start to reflect the mood. My deer hunting guru Savage Lynch swears by 11/13 as the hottest day. I saw a four and an eight on that day. But I like 11/17. Sometimes this falls, as it did this year, on opening day. It's also my neice Beth's birthday. And we sometimes, as we did this year, celebrate her birthday and opening day rolled into one booze and chili fueled weekend. As per usual, Savage's brother Milawyer was here for the hunt.
Milawyer, who was previously referred to as "a high priced, martini swilling, knife throwing doctor of jurisprudence, from the great state of West Virginia." (google Wray or Vic Voegelin), will now be referred to simply as Savage's brother. And it was he who asked "Aren't you afraid of going to Hell?" I don't think I've ever been asked this question before. Savage, his brother and I, had been drinking and Savage's bro and i had been hitting the bong a bit. But still, his query took me by surprise. I knew he was referencing my rather blatent disregard for 1 or 2 of the 10 co(m)mandments. I admit I have coveted a few neighbor wives. Once I thought about it, I realized i was not afraid of going to Hell. "Love conquers all." I said, and left it at that. Savage and his brother had to agree. Hell may not be that bad. As of now the rut is over and action is scarce. Maybe it's time to concentrate on trapping those coyotes.


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