Monday, February 11, 2008


After a weekend amongst the rich I'm ready to get home to my hillbilly hovel. I know way too much about Eli Broad and his new wing to LACMA , the comings and goings of Britney, Tom and Katie, and the LA botox set. The embroidered slippers are getting grimy and I've lost the belt to my plush terry cloth robe. The hotel staff are becoming less gracious as I wander the halls without underwear. But as long as my pockets are stuffed with twenties they still force smiles.
Yesterday I went down Hollywood Blvd. in search of a tattoo parlor. Across the street from Frederick's of Hollywood i found a seedy shop that sold KISS t-shirts and did tats in the back. No LA INK for me. All I needed was a guy with a clean rig and a steady hand to ink up my 9mm. on my right arm. I lucked out. The quiet ponytailed Mexican cat in the chair had a fluid gentle touch and a little smirk as he shaded in the gun and SWF-LAX. Pulling a fresh bloodprint on Japanese rice paper, and videoing the process my work on the west coast was done.
Back at the hotel I watched Amy win her 5 Grammys, rock a couple of numbers and thank "Mum and Dad and Blake incarcerated....." All in all it's been a great weekend, but I'm getting a cold and my patience is wearing thin when it comes to tipping someone every time I turn around. The pistol is packed and I can smell wood smoke. To all my loyal readers I'm sorry to say it may be a while before I get another computer and start blogging regularly again. I want to thank the staff of L'Ermitage for a lovely stay. And yes I did steal those slippers. See you back East.


At February 29, 2008 at 5:51 AM , Blogger burnt tortilla said...

you were in L.A.?
darn, i missed the chance to take you to Olvera St.

air kiss


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