Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Summer's almost over. The more distressed branches of the maple trees are starting to turn red and every day there are fewer mini-vans on the road. Time to hit Staples and load up on pens and notebooks. Before you know it the kids will be back in school, the bucks will be shedding their velvet and searching out a doe in estrus. My bow is ready. In the larger universe the march on Washington celebrated it's 50th and the Syrian Government has just dropped chemical gas on its own people. But what is everyone talking about? All grown-up tweenie star Miley Cyrus' VMA performance during their lame-o awards ceremony. Elbows are akimbo.
   I admit it. Before yesterday i had no idea what "twerking" was. Good old Wikipedia informed me that it came out of a New Orleans Hip-Hop song of the early nineties. Anyone who's ever been to a strip club will recognize the move- hands on knees, gyrating lap dance ass, head turned around, tongue out, va-giggle-jaggle. "Thank you 'mam. Here's a twenty." Music videos appropriated the move years ago. And i guess it's taken until now to bring it to the masses. I'd rather dig my eyes out with a dull spoon than watch any awards show, so I googled Miley and caught the act.
   If being "all grown-up" means using a foam rubber sports finger as a phallus, rubbing your crotch, surrounded by a sea of plushie infantilism- in the form of giant teddy bears, while an army of black girls support your every thrust and grind........well I guess I'm putting my Hanna Montana lunch box on the shelf. Miley's a 'ho....I mean a woman now. None of this would even be worth mentioning if it were not for the Hollywood hypocritical reaction. It's like the over-sexualization of the Disney tween queen mill is something new. Miley has the same manager as Britney Spears, making sure her vagina is waxed properly and there is good production value in any "leaked" sex video. Is this really so shocking in 2013 Hollywood?
    After watching a five minute clip of this performance the glaringly obvious, and quite insulting thing that I noticed was the use of Afro-American women as props. As Miley slapped the gigantic ass of a gigantic black dancer it became more and more apparent that the throngs of black woman were used as no more than juxtaposed "color" against that fleshy bikini wearing white girl. Street cred.? I don't think so. And as the male Black rappers take the stage, it doesn't get any better for the black women. Watch any Tarzan movie and you'll be just as offended. The only good thing you can say about this mess is they all got paid.....I hope. THE NEW JIM CROW? You're damn right.            


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