Thursday, October 17, 2013


Last night Shewho and I went out to dinner. The choices are limited in this neck of the woods. For years I've hoped for a good restaurant. That's the one thing I miss about the city. The ability to pick up the phone and order some Thai or Two Boots or sushi is sadly not an option here in the sticks. That's why I have my recurring fantasies regarding JOODLES or just opening a palidar/bar. Good drinks and some finger food served from that center thingy in the shul and tables, stage and dance floor in the back could be a blast. Yet, would it be appreciated? Do it in Brooklyn or the East Village and you'd be turning 'em away. Up here? Aside from the congregation, I doubt if it would draw the bodies needed to stay open. But, back to last night's dinner.
    We decided to check out RNButch's new restaurant in Rock Hill- BERNIE'S HOLIDAY RESTAURANT. It used to be just BERNIE"S. My ex-wife worked there for one night as a waitress. When she was told to scrape the untouched salad back in the bowl she bolted for the door. What with my advanced age and injuries we decide to eat early. If they had a senior citizen early bird special I would've been game. No such luck. So here for the first time is a HWS restaurant review:

    Open Wed.- Sun. in the winter months, BHR is a large, white table cloth and fine china, dark carpet operation. We were early, so the place was empty. Opting for the cozy bar area, we slid into a comfortable small table and booth. The waitress was cheery, pretty and smart. She brought us menus and two of the best margaritas I'd had in a while, along with a basket of fresh warm bread and an olive oil and tiny tomato dip. Unsure whether I was supposed to eat the little tomatoes I took a chance and speared one-heaven. Is that too gushy? I'm new at being a foodie.
    I ordered the chicken pot pie and Shewho had the duck. But before our entres arrived we devoured an appetizer plate of riblets. If you want to go on the cheap, I suggest a couple of drinks and these riblets. They were fucking incredible! Who's ever in the kitchen knows their shit. Both entres were good. What was missing? Bodies. I was not prepared for how good this place was. And, as everyone knows, (even neighbor RNButch) I don't pull my punches. I call a mousse a moose- no matter. It was Wed. Maybe on Friday and Sat. the place is jumping. We'll come back some weekend to rub elbows with the local bigshots like Diamond Dave and iLiz, Steve and Edie, Bronco Billy, RNButch and JNell. After my anti-casino sermon I don't know whether I'll get the same service. But, I do have to admit that's the one thing casinos may provide- bodies. Only the future will tell. HWS gives BHR 4 titties and a broken thumbs up. Suggestions? Put some Sullivan County venison, Majestic Farm pork, Trussbridge veggies and Aaron Burr Cider on the menu. We'll be back. Spread the good word.    


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