Wednesday, February 26, 2014


 Ever heard of Pine Bush? Google it and it will come up as one of the most anti-semitic places on earth. Ever heard of Fallsburg? It's quickly becoming as infamous as Pine Bush. In the recent past, heroin and works have been found TWICE in the faculty bathroom of the local elementary school. It took finding drugs and paraphernalia twice before school officials called the cops. Video showed 8 people coming and going in the teacher's crapper, that may or may not have left the stash. The police gathered up the suspects, interviewed them and asked for pee samples. Someone called the Union and the cops were told that no urine would be forthcoming. Teachers don't get pee tested to get the job? Guess not. Hmmmm? Maybe they'll be a job opening soon.
    In the wake of that selfish douche Philip Seymore Hoffman ignoring his family and career, ODing on dope, heroin is back in the news. Bad timing for whoever is so fucked up that he or she can't remember to take the stash and works with them after hitting up in the faculty lounge. Some of my favorite people in this world are ex-junkies. I stress the "ex". When someone's using it turns most, if not all, into lying, thieving, duplicitous scumbags. I've got no use for junkies. But when a junkie gets clean, my door is always open. It used to be heroin was top of the food chain when it came to highs. Now days it's a poor man's substitute for Oxy, or any number of prescription pain killers that the young and old ingest to get away from the everyday. Combine heroin with elementary school teachers and the news feed is very welcoming.
   I understand why these teachers do not want to be pee tested. Even if the the BCI swears up and down they will not be tested for anything, other than heroin, don't believe them. Once they have something they can test (hair, blood, pee, saliva) they will test for everything. Some good teacher that enjoys a bowl at the end of a hard day of  trying to teach surly, screaming kids, will be labeled a drug user, and fired. Forget the teacher who gets blind drunk and beats his kids silly. There's no test for that.    
    Fallsburg and Pine Bush are small communities that have been painted with a broad negative brush by the media. It's so easy to do that these days. These places are no better or worse than any other poor small town in America- right wing, reactionary, homophobic, strung out....... Should I go on? Thankfully our memories are so bad, this will all be forgotten come Spring. It's been a tough winter. I hope whoever this teacher is gets straight, before they kill themselves or the cops lock them up. I'd say the first one to take a vacation in Florida will give you the guilty party. Let them go quietly and put away the torches and pitch forks. Hopefully when we finally get casinos all these problems will disappear. As everybody knows, money solves everything. I'll bet nobody leaves their chips in the faculty lounge. Who's ever heard of a gambling problem?

Confederate Flag burning church is coming.....


At April 7, 2014 at 6:29 AM , Blogger William Kovar said...

Hey Mike, Greg Lee and I were having coffee and he gave me your blog. Question? Is there a difference in a drug dependent person, and a junkie?

At April 7, 2014 at 6:30 AM , Blogger William Kovar said...

Hey Mike, Greg Lee and I were having coffee and he gave me your blog. Question? Is there a difference in a drug dependent person, and a junkie?


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