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This is a term used to describe the use of some part of a particular animal in the hunting process of said animal. For example: rattling horns can be used to lure a buck in rut within range of a gun or even a bow. A yelper made from the hollowed out wing bone of a wild turkey can do the same thing. I've tried both, and never had much luck with either. It's one of those things that can be extremely challenging and if conditions are perfect "sympathetic magic" may just take place. I'm still waiting.
   In human history hunting came first, quickly followed by art and religion. Science is a relatively recent phenonomen. By the time that very talented individual was painting in those caves in France all three- hunting, art and religion were beautifully entwined. But it didn't take long before they splintered and became specialized. It's been that way ever since. In my work I've tried to blur those boundaries once again. Sometimes I succeed. Sometimes not.

    And this brings me to the children of the church. My mother always noted that the very young and the older teens were OK to attend CLGM services. The impressionable in-between ages, say 10-18, she was totally against. I pointed out that the Cardinal seemed fine. "He's different." she said with a grin. "Look at the parents." I don't know whether or not I agree with mom. Unlike the Catholics, the CLGM provides a safe place for kids. They can pick up a wet hose, rub the soapy dog, blow bubbles, stroke the cat, and feel there's no reason to fear anything. The CLGM is kid friendly.
   Still, I leave it up to the parents. The hymns can be a bit "blue", but honestly I've never had any kid complain. If they can't read they don't seem to even pick up on the words. If they can read they sing along with everyone else. We may be transgressive, but never mean spirited. Kids understand this, even if the adults sometimes don't. And when an angelic little blond girl takes off her sandals and touches my gnarly toes with hers.....sympathetic magic permeates the room. I challenge any other belief system to do that.  



At May 30, 2014 at 3:09 PM , Blogger ThereisanintelligentpersoninSullivan said...

i challenge you to write some lyrics that aren't blatantly destructive and discouraging to children! like 'man with a boner' or pretty much all of your disgusting sexually repressed lyrics to any of your other horrible 'songs'. the way the music world is today, its almost OK to write terrible nonsense lyrics and not have any point to make. its all surface and shallow crap, man. be honest with yourself, be really really honest, and try and tell yourself that you are a relevant artist... i don't think you can. you may be able to mask it behind grandiosity and drug use and your own narcissism, but its GARBAGE dude. and, anyone who would be senseless enough to bring their children to an ass-painting 'church' with taxidermy hanging from the ceiling and a naked female mannequin with a huge cock affixed to it is pretty god damn brain dead to begin with. as controversial as you think you are, please don't take this post as me being offended in what you do. I am offended as an ARTIST who creates works that mean something, that say something. i don't just call myself an artist and put on goofy shows at an accentric venue to validate myself and my sexual perversions. its really sad man. really sad. you are not doing anything related to art, you are just a rich kid with the house free on the weekend and lofty ideas that don't mean shit.

At May 31, 2014 at 10:20 AM , Blogger mike osterhout said...

I wish you wouldn't use the word "cock". Children read this. Your "accentricity" is showing.


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