Thursday, August 28, 2014


......using both hands. This is some stupid cracker bumper sticker I saw in Rock Hill. But after reading yesterday's news, it doesn't seem so stupid anymore. The gist of it is a 9 year old girl at a Las Vegas shooting range, accompanied by her parents, killed her instructor with an Uzi  sub-machine gun. If this is not the height of unregulated industry stupidity, i don't know what is. Given any state's freedom to control (or not) the sale, usage, and carry of firearms, certain states have welcomed the "shooting range" industry. According to the onslaught of articles after this tragic, and completely unnecessary shooting, these places are especially popular with European and Asian tourists. Shoot machine guns in the desert, after hitting the bars and strip clubs? Sounds wholesome to me.
   Here's the deal. Anyone who has ever fired a long gun and a pistol will immediately realize the difference. It's pure physics. The muzzle of a handgun or in this case, short barreled sub-machine gun, will jump way more than a rifle or shotgun.  You have to compensate for it with your wrists. It takes practice and control to hit anything. If you are weak (like a child) or not paying attention, the gun can jump right out of your hand. Or, as in this case, leap vertically as you fire, and keep firing in automatic mode. Oops. Dead instructor.
   Who's at fault? The girl? No way. The parents? A little. The instructor? Kinda. The industry? Yes.
The U.S.A. ? Without a doubt. How the fuck can you allow a business to legally exist that gives kids (with a paying parent or guardian) as young as eight, the opportunity to pick up a lethal killing machine, like an Uzi, and squeeze off a few rounds....just for fun?  Forget the fact that any customer can be drunk, drugged, or completely unhinged, but a kid is a kid. These "instructors" are probably paid $20 an hour and all the ammo they can steal. "Huh....did I load that gun......where's my coffee......"   BOOM!
   I know it's probably way down on the list of priorities after ISIS and Ukraine and Ebola, but come on guys. You wouldn't let a kid drive a race car or do circumcisions. I don't give a shit if these places let adults go in half lit and blast away at watermelons. But for God's sake, leave the kids at home with the meth-head babysitter. She'll have a better chance of growing up.


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