Saturday, December 20, 2014


I'm officially out of the woods. I've cleaned my guns, paid my bills, picked up my mail, did my laundry and hung it behind the woodstove, reamed out the stove pipe with my branding iron, so I can get some heat, and gone back on facebook....just in time. I know I said I'd never go back on fb. That's usually about the time I completely reverse myself and do just what I say I'll never do. I have 3 deer hanging, that are leading to imagery that I'm developing, a nice piece on Kate Orne's, that I'm promoting and loads of other news I can weigh in on, as well as a bunch of butchering to do. Cuba's opening up. A casino is coming to the hood. Fracking has been stopped in the state- for now. And last but not least, Kim Jong Un and his jerky stringed puppets have hacked SONY PICTURES, forcing the latest movie from James Franco and Seth Rogan- THE INTERVIEW, to be pulled from its holiday release. Thank You KJU!
    Why does it take a foreign government to have the good sense to stop the steady stream of drek from SONY? As a little side benefit we all get to learn just what movie moguls email back and forth to each other. And this is what Sony should be optioning. Get those guys from SOUTH PARK to make a bunch more puppets and do AMERICA WORLD POLICE II. Use actual emails, Presidential quotes, North Korean denials and even Franco and Rogan....if you have to. This is the movie that should be made. In the meantime, while you are in there Kim, I suggest NK makes SONY pull ANNIE, THE FURY, THE WEDDING RINGER, CHAPPIE, THE SEX TAPE, THE EQUALIZER, and 22 JUMP STREET, or suffer the consequences. That's what I want for Xmas. Stop them before they do any more damage. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! FUCK YEAH!


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