Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Everything is composition, a drawing, a song, a sculpture, an action, a photo, a blog. It doesn't really matter what your skill set or knowledge of subject is, as long as you can arrange the parts pleasingly. In its purest form it's all flower arrangement. Only the flowers change.

    The past week or so has been, cold, snowy and filled with hillbilly interaction. First it was the husband and wife power couple calling the cops on a harmless little photo shoot, then it was all the action on UNCENSORED SULLIVAN COUNTY. For the uninitiated UCSC is a FB web page infamous in these hills. It's a sad bunch with a need to share their sometimes unsavory views on anything from racial politics to, well, the arts. That's where I come in.
   A couple of my friends joined this site as silent voyeurs. They check in for perverse laughs. On the weekend I received communiques from both, informing me of my name, church, art, and even "lady friend" being dragged through the UCSC mud. One friend even suggested that one of my most energetic detractors on this site, may also be the "troll" I had commenting on HWS . I was intrigued. What i found was amazing. Here was a woman so insulted, offended, disgusted by my very existence, that she kept the comments going, inciting the gaggle of 20 something cute girls and assorted wingnuts. Pitchforks and torches were being passed amongst the mob. Surprisingly the hardcore Republicans were on my side. They too, found me disgusting, but would defend my right "to be a worthless waste of space"....to their last breath. And so it went for 60 comments. 60 muthafuckin' digs at my ass, comments!!!!!....all of SUPER BOWL SUNDAY. I joined, posted a picture of a kitten, denied shaving the pubes from a 13 year old boy (which we actually did once at church), and we were off.
    During the day I learned about "threads" that I called "streams" and how to navigate the haters and the nut jobs, making points, posting pics and getting ready for the game. My troll was in fact THEREISANINTELLGENTPERSONINSULLIVANCOUNTY. Who could forget that handle? Is it called a handle or a tag? See how difficult it gets? Right after kickoff I made my last posting and left the site. I wished my troll well and was done with it. But as we all know fb will not let you rest. I kept getting notices of the ongoing conversation. It was impossible to ignore. The accusations of being a complete fraud, not worthy of putting crap in my front yard really cuts to the core. I'm sensitive...hack or not. The mob mentality on these sites is extreme. It's like being in an EST meeting with trailer trash hillbilly members. I "spoke for God", saying "He loved fags" and signed off to watch the game. Then after the game I checked the tread one last time.
Here's what one guy asked. "If Mr. Osterhout has the ability to speak for God, will he please tell me why the Seahawks just ran that play?"
I have no answer.    


At February 9, 2015 at 7:23 AM , Blogger mrssilencedogood said...

You can be a complete fraud and a very talented artist...several come to mind...but you simply can't speak for God and not demand that Pete Carroll call a running play featuring Marshawn...for that you need to lose lawn posting privileges for at least a week. God hates Belicheck...still loves Dykes though.


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