Tuesday, May 26, 2015


  Another church is behind us. And turkey season is winding down. I was out this morning. I had a bunch going, but after 2 hours of gobbling nothing showed itself in the field. This time of year I savor every gobble. Soon all will go silent, the birds all but disappearing into the tall grass and overgrown woods. Then it's a long hot summer of kitchen remodel and mosquitos, until the first brisk morning in Oct., bow in hand.
    Once again we pulled another CLGM service out of our asses. It seems that 20 minutes of rehearsal per year is more than sufficient for THE BAND OF ALL FAITHS. Even having only one rather salty new hymn entitled GOOD 'OL MOUNTAIN JEW, and repurposing 2 others didn't seem to bother anyone. I guess I worry too much. The church has taken on a life of it's own. Showing up is all that's required. We baptized Rocket "Pretty Boy" Budde and Atticus "'lil Cuss" Dudley-McNamara. Aside from a little squirming in protest at the prospect of holy dunking, the kids weathered it fine. Even the parents seemed OK.  Once the bows and arrows were passed out, everyone was happy.
    Yesterday was for recovery. Even though I'd rationed the booze, the adrenaline overload and post-partum blues always takes its toll. So last night Shewho and I snuggled up on the couch and watched AMERICAN SNIPER on the box. What more perfect crapola than this movie for Memorial Day? One theme we never seem to have for our Memorial Day weekend services is Memorial. And this is on purpose. I realize that to be anti-war, and dare I say, anti-military, in this country is something akin to societal sacrilege, I can't help myself. Do I support the troops? NO. Sorry. People who blindly wave the flag, tearing up over all those who have served, (family or not) give me a giant pain in my ass. Do I love those people who I know who have served in the military? Of course. That's the difference. I don't judge them. I do judge the institution.
   AMERICAN SNIPER is complete patriotic drivel. As a hunter I can appreciate this guy's skills with the rifle. But in doing so you have to detach yourself from the fact that he is killing humans. Judging by the box office on this pic, nobody seems to have any problem with this. I realize I'm a little late to this film. I had a preview DVD months ago that never  would play in the machine. Nonetheless watching it on Memorial Day and scrolling through fb to see all the flags waving seems appropriate. Less snipers. More diapers. Teach those kids peace and love. No more playing army. 5 more days of turkey season. Get in those woods.  


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