Monday, February 8, 2016


If you haven't seen the video google Jeb Bush clap. No you won't see Jeb's junk in need of some topical treatment. What you will see is poor Jebbie on stage in New Hampshire, addressing a less than attentive crowd. Judging from the folks seated behind the former Florida Gov., nobody is paying attention to anything Jeb is saying. So when he comes to the end of his thought stream and waits for what he remembers from his written speech- (applause), he isn't even greeted by crickets. He then does something that is so sad, and desperate that even the woman that is picking her nose behind him, wakes up and puts her hands together. He stops, frowns, turns to the audience and pleads "Please clap."
   Here is the former party machine golden boy, the man that a year ago was the predicted front runner in a pack of Republican wing nuts, buried way back in the decimal points, trying whatever he can to get attention. Well, after my initial shock at JB's whiny plea, I started to think more about the purity of this onstage moment. Here's a guy whose father and brother were both presidents, a former gov., who couldn't get laid in a whorehouse. In a field of megalomaniacs who go from bad to worse, the guy with the famous last name, who looks like a Jr. college lit. prof., not only gets no respect, he can't get anyone to even listen to him, let alone vote for him. If pity were votes he'd win in a landslide.
    Any artist who has ever tried to put themselves out on the world stage, any rock and roller who has ever grabbed a mic or strapped on a guitar, done their thing and waited for the approval of the "crowd" can relate to Jeb. Now I'm no Republican, but if I was and I wanted to see JB get some traction here's what I'd do. OWN IT BABY! Start painting those big Bush tour buses with the phrase PLEASE CLAP. It's not too late Jebbie. Send your mother back to Texas, stop shaving, buy a pair of Ray Bans and an OZ of coke. Toss those cordoroys, buy some skinny jeans and pink converse. Dude, you've got nothing to lose. You hit a chord with your desperation. How many of us try to reach the crowd with our words or actions, only to have the room check their cell phones, completely ignoring all our attempts at communication? We all feel the way Jeb felt at some point in our pitiful little lives. Fire all your advisors and go rogue. I've never seen such a clear cut case of an individual hitting bottom. Come on Jeb. Can you hear me clapping?


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