Friday, August 12, 2016


When NYC is so hot you can't breathe and the Hamptons are too crowded with billionaires, where do the cool cats go? Why the mountains, of course. The dog days of August may have slammed down hard on the east coast, but here in the 'skills we are in full effect. Artists, musicians, supermodels of all shapes and sizes, hipsters and Hasidics of all ages  descend upon our little piece of heaven en masse this time of year. 'tis the season.
   A couple of days ago, in the midst of installing Terence Koh's piece at the Old Shul, Terence, Garrick and I strolled in The Rock Hill Trading Post behind a young family. Mom and dad were tall, skinny white folks and the baby a sweet, smiling blue eyed cherub. "What a cute hillbilly trio." I thought to myself. Then I turned and realized it was Victoria Secret supermodel Morgane Dubled with her one year old Jo and her husband Nico. Hugs all around. But the craziest thing is Garrick and Terence also were friends with this high fashion French trio. Only in the Catskills!

   Last night was Pigpen "King of the Jews" Rothman's birthday. A celebration was held down at GNJohn's. The Buddes, Kelsey,  cool Denniston Hill residents, plus Rachel, Bill and Patsy were all in attendance. A tornado had just ripped across the top of the hill, leveling one of former Egg-U (now Resnick's) 400 feet long buildings. The walls were gone. Only the roof remained, now sitting on the ground. Thank the LGM nobody was hurt. In most groups this would have been a cause for great concern, and a bummer at a birthday party. But in our set, it was barely touched upon. A tornado? Huh. Pass me the tequila.
   Sadly I had to leave just as the party was getting started. I had a prior commitment @Outlierinn, with Morgane and her family for dinner. This is the only problem we face: too much of a good thing. Tomorrow is Terence Koh's opening at the Old Shul and next week Deniston Hill has their yearly open house on the same day as Terence and my birthday party celebration at Wolf Lake. I need a clone just to make the A-list events. I have no idea what the rest of the world is doing, nor could i give a shit. Today is Garrick's birthday up on Wildcat Mountain. But wait. I have a dinner and conjugal visit scheduled with Shewho. I'll give you one guess where I'll be tonight. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GARRICK! I'll see you tomorrow. Air kisses all around!


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