Saturday, June 28, 2008


The recent Supreme Court decision, basically reaffirming the 2nd amendent's language, guaranteeing the populace's right to keep and bear arms, is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise right wing, stagnant court. As a gun owning person whose politics have always drifted to the left, I feel this decision is a glimmer of sanity in an otherwise insane administration. No more are we going to be beat over the head with ridiculous arguments about militias and NPR's liberal party line concerning outright firearm bans. Well OK, NPR is still at it.
Like our urban societie's basic disconnect with food source, the gun issue is polarized and filled with misconceptions fueled by a knee jerk, pandering press. The court's case in point was brought by a DC security guard who wanted to take his gun home, and not have to dismantle it in order to comply the law. What good is a gun in pieces when an intruder is downstairs boosting the TV set? "Excuse me sir. This will just take a minute. Have you seen my firing pin?" The absurdity is palpable.
A recent piece of mine- SWF-LAX GUN CARRY demonstrated just how easy it is to travel legally with a registered handgun. In fact it's a little too easy. When I got in the wrong line by mistake at LAX all I had to say was that I was carrying a firearm and they kept ushering me farther up the line and deeper inside the airport. At no time did anyone ask to see ID or a badge. They just assumed I was an undercover air mashall. Finally an official asked if I was carrying on board? I said no and he pointed me in the right direction. This doesn't bode well for airport security.
Should firearms be regulated? Absolutely. Should people be able to legally procure and own guns for various purposes, including hunting and self potection? Court sez yes. A gun is just a tool. Unloaded, it's no more dangerous than a hammer. I included the gun carry piece in my show at Marianna's Apartment. Legally I can carry that gun anywhere in NY state, but not in NY city. By taking it to NYC for the show I was libel to arrest and loss of my pistol permit. So let me let you in on a little secret. In the locked box was a pair of binocculars and a rock. Never let it be said I'm not a law abiding gun owner. It's the IDEA, man.


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