Monday, January 3, 2011


Deer season's over. The holidays are done. I got no work and a hacking cough that won't let up. My old neck injury has my left arm aching, tingling and feeling like someone is constantly twisting a big rubber band in my elbow. Because of the cough I can't smoke my eye medicine so I'm depressed and probably going blind. But this all pales in comparison to what Carl the horse is going through. Out my window I can see him laying in the fields, covered in blankets, unmoving.
Carl is the big draft horse over on RNButch's farm. He was the first animal to move in almost ten years ago. Over the years he was joined by emus, llamas, goats, sheep, cows, ponies, camels, ostritches, and Denis the big dicked donkey. Yesterday Carl laid down in the muddy snow and didn't get up. The vet came and we tried to get poor Carl on his feet to no avail. Carl is an old horse- over 25 years (ancient for a draft horse). The vet thought he had a tumor in his ear or brain, throwing off his balance. His big legs worked the ground like he was running. The vet said Carl thought he was standing up and couldn't figure out why he wasn't moving. His breathing labored, his eyes rolled and he could barely lift his big head. We wrapped ropes around his feet and rolled him over, but he just couldn't get up.
As I write this the big yellow front end loader is heading for Carl. It's too sad for words. Yeah, it's a new year. Of course I want to put a positive spin on it. I have so much to be thankful for. Shewho, Teehoo and I had a great Xmas. I got a new flat screen TV and a slick blender. I shot two nice bucks. The cats are healthy and the wood pile is in good shape. Mom is doing well and the rest of the fam. is getting along as well as can be expected. I got money in the bank and my monthly nut isn't too much. So as i work my hair brush through my matted beard and thinning hair, scowling in the mirror i have to remind myself- inside it's all rainbows, butterflies, cartwheels and cum shots. A shot rings out. RIP Carl. Happy Fucking New Year.


At January 6, 2011 at 8:48 AM , Blogger queenesther said...

yeah, so. long time. nice to see you alive and kicking here. too bad i'm not a supermodel or we could go hunting... ;)

trust me -- you have a lot to be grateful for. i love reading your blog, btw. (where's the book?) xo


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