Wednesday, June 8, 2011


  I may not want to talk about church but MO DAVID NORTH is another story. It's off to a good start. We got press and plenty of interest in the work of the three artists we are showing- George Holz, Richard Kern and Marianna Rothen. And so far Marianna in garnering the most buzz. The work really should be seen in this context. As good as the old internet is, it is no substitute for a drive up to the Catskills and a little visit to probably one of the classiest little out-of-the-way galleries you'll ever come across. Officially it's only open by appointment. But unofficially I'm here- just hanging.
    It's nice and cool under the big oak and the cross breeze on the porch makes the work look even better. Richard Kern chose photos that were shot  at THE OLD SCHOOL FOR SOCIAL SCULPTURE and in my bathroom and the church. All of them have that distinctive "Kern" edge. You can't tell if they are supposed to turn you on or turn you off. It's a rather pleasant limbo that he elicits out of the voyeur. You come away not all together guiltless. George Holz on the other hand, lays it out up front. His languid beauties in repose or arched in babbling brooks are there to be admired in slack jawed awe. Add to this a deep black and white printing and the pieces have a lush preciousness and a commanding presence. But it's Marianna Rothen who comes up with the cross over into object. Each of her photos (all 13"X13" with no glass) are simply presented in white frames. The model/actresses in each of her photographs are no small component in Rothen's work. All of these artists chose their models carefully, but Marianna Rothen (being a model herself) brings an especially mysterious mood to her work and a sensitivity to her subjects that I don't think you could get otherwise. She, above all, shares the immediacy of the shutter click with us. As a dealer I want to thank each one of these artists. I'm a big fan. Man, what a world.    


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