Thursday, February 9, 2012


 One of my favorite quotes of all time is by that crazy fuck L. Ron Hubbard- "Science fiction is OK. But if you want to make some real money start a religion." Working in MO David North (the art producing wing of the CLGM) the quote ran through my head as i arranged bleached deer bones on the table. I had run out of eye medicine (both prescription and otherwise) a while back and I couldn't tell if it was the smoking Ker-o-sun heater or my peepers, but the room was lost in a haze. I was broke and didn't know where my next dollar was coming from. Sad to say this was not unfamiliar territory to me. So as i adjusted the sooty heater it occurred to me where I could get some quick cash- the collection plate.
   Over the past couple of years we've done five CLGMs. Unlike L. Ron I never set money as a goal for the church. Hell, everybody knows you have have to burn a dollar to get in. But, not to be completely out done by the others, we do pass the plate. Up until this day I'd just stuffed the cash in a jar and forgotten about it. I bet there was a few hundred bucks stashed away in the emergency church fund. Was this not an emergency? I called Dr. X. The Dr. was in.
    The Dr. had been treating me for some time for my glaucoma. When things get tight I have to miss my appointments and forgo my medicine. Life of the unemployed artist is one of constant triage. I need rear brakes but the front ones can wait. I have four cats but two dishes of food should suffice. I can do without.....but not without sight. My hand plunged into the jar. Greasy fives, tens and even a few twenties were stuffed in my pocket. All toll I pulled out about $200. I bought $150 of eye medicine and $20 of kerosene. The remainder i still have squirreled away. The room is still hazy but now I know it's not the smokey heater. I CAN SEE! Forgive me.


At February 12, 2012 at 4:29 PM , Blogger gregariouslee said...

Hey Mike. I'm, umm, sorry I haven't kept in touch but you know how it goes. Anyway not to be a bother but could you tell me, what exactly is the GLCM?

Thx, and I'm glad you got your meds. Kovar says hey.

Great blog, partner.


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