Thursday, March 22, 2012


   I'm not one to complain when it comes to any of the above. I may not have much of a career but when it comes to good family, a group of eclectically diverse, young and old friends, and even a lawyer  I can deal with.....I'm a blessed man. Sure I have my problems with certain individuals (I'm not naming names) from each of these groups, but as a whole I'm good. Just the other day I went to pick up my mail and was surprised to receive a shirt sized box from my knife throwing, martini swilling, West Virginia lawyer. Opening it at home, I dug into the many layers of newspaper to discover a fine "Cherry Classic" custom slate turkey call, accompanied by a short note- "Mike, Spring gobbler season is almost here. I thought you may find the enclosed useful in your attempt to bring a nice Tom into range. Good luck! Yourlawyer." Nice.
    In these days of emails, texts, tweets, chirps and other sources of clipped communication, when was the last time you received a letter, let alone a gift in the mail? Of course Milawyer is more than just legal counsel. Brother of Savage Lynch, son of Beaver and Georgia, I grew up with him and he is one of my oldest and closest friends. But now he has shot to the tippy top of that list. The old man used to do such things. Out of the blue he would send a business associate or hunting buddy a bent barreled rifle (for shooting around a tree) or pile of elephant crap disguised as Gram's cinnamon buns. Other times he would just enclose some corny cartoon ripped from the morning paper, with a posted attached- "In humor truth."  I can't tell you how happy it made me feel to receive such communiques from my father. Milawyer has picked up the torch.
    So all you readers, friend and family alike, take note. Good friends, good brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, cousins, girlfriends -past and present, (all my aunts and uncles are dead and mom gets a bye), send me a gift if you want to get on my good side. It doesn't have to be expensive or a big deal. Any little old heart felt thingy will do. My address is PO box 671 Glen Wild, NY 12738. I love you all....but as you can see, some more than others.


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