Thursday, November 22, 2012


  Once the shooting started the deer have predictably become scarce. So around 2pm the other day I decided to hunt the orchard stand. All of bow season I had to just sit and watch as deer munched the grass 200 yards out in Gilkey's field. The lack of apples had kept the deer from coming within bow range. I hoped that now that the rut was winding down I'd be lucky enough to have a doe in lock down in the swamp and a buck near by. All I needed was for him to cross onto GNJohn's property.
   I climbed up in the stand and immediately caught movement way off at the curve in the river. A bunch of deer were milling about under the white pine. This was very unusual at this time of day. Maybe a buck was running those does out of the woods. I pulled up the binocs and counted 5 does. They didn't seemed to be hinky at all. Then i noticed why they were all gathered under that pine. Glistening in the sun was a pile green apples. Heads down, they were gorging themselves. Mutherfucker.
    I may not always be completely legal in this life, but when it comes to hunting I'm a stickler for the rules. I hunt hard. I hunt safely. And I hunt ethically. I can lapse when it comes to paper work and calling in every tag, but I never hunt out of season, never take more than I'm legally allowed or ever, EVER hunt over a bait pile. I wish I could say the same for my neighbors. As I sat there stewing in my own juices, a shiny white pick up truck pulled up to the Deniston monument. Then, to my amazement, he continued through the field and parked on the edge of the river. This lazy asshole was not only hunting over bait, he wasn't even bothering to leave the truck.
   I sat out the afternoon deciding what to do. About 15 mins. before sunset the deer began to congregate at the bait pile. The guy in the truck was glassing across the river, where I spotted more deer movement. Should I wait until he shoots or nip it in the bud. The sun sets at 4:35 pm. At 4:36 pm I got down from the tree. I didn't want to see this jerk get a deer. I shouldered my .243. As I sauntered across the field, deer scattered in all directions. I checked the trucks plate #. NYS---------VF. Then I knocked on the driver's side window. The guy was so intently glassing those deer, he damn near jumped out of his skin. " scared me." he said rolling down the window. "You scared all the deer too."
"I know." I replied. "I did it on purpose." He looked at me in stunned bewilderment. "On purpose?"
I laid it out to him- hunting over bait, from a motor vehicle, after legal shooting time. "What bait?" he half heartedly responded. Asshole.
   Since I know the DEC reads my blog (for the stories not the photos), I won't name names. I let the guy know in no uncertain terms that he was on notice. "I don't give a shit that (the land owner) shoots over bait, out the window of his Escalade, but I'll be damned if I'll sit quietly by as every yahoo in the county parks in my view and pops deer on the way to the apple pile." The guy moaned about how he would never shoot a deer from his truck, and that he was just watching them and that his back was bothering him and..... I cut him off and pointed out the rifle on his seat. Don't bullshit a bullshitter. Next time I name names. Enough.

Mupp shot a big buck this morning. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL.  


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