Friday, March 29, 2013


  For those of my readers not on facebook ( of my 30 or so, that's probably 50%), every time I write a blog I now link it through facebook, so a reader can just click on it and you are here. I also use fb to post pics of artsy crap I'm working on and sometimes weigh in on the issue of the day. I "like" stuff from time to time and always find a reason to comment on arch artfag enemy Kenny Schacter's pontifications. I don't use it for family, embarrassing drunken benders with my peeps or photos of my cats. A year or more on the social media tip and I'm pretty hooked. I know it's lame. Just being real.
   So a couple of days ago I wrote about buying my '02 Chrysler convertible in HWS and I posted the pic of a bare assed Mystery Girl getting her hands tied by Sister NOYB. No tittie. No vaganus...just a cute butt. Tasteful. I never thought twice about putting it out there. But the next morning after making coffee and checking email I hit the F key and up came Mystery Girl under a big official heading informing me my fb privileges had been revoked for 24 hours. They also went on to say that this had been my 2nd offense and if there happened to be a third.....well then I'd be removed PERMANENTLY. My first offense was some time ago and I never knew why I had crossed the line. I guess the fb software has progressed to now giving you the evidence of your transgressions.
   What to do? My fist impulse is to say fuckem and repost Mystery Girl's rather fine ass. I guess that's why they give you 24 hours to cool off and as my mom used to say "Just think about what you did wrong." I warned everybody that without her around things could go awry. But I still don't see what I did wrong? I post titties all the time and once and awhile a vagina or two. Hell, just the other day I had a close up of a big floppy dildo attached to a pregnant mannikin. Any problem fb? Nope. Could it be the tying up?  Maybe butt plus rope sends up a red flag. One can only speculate. In the meantime I guess I should tread lightly. Or maybe this is the way to stop wasting so much time in that big fb circle jerk in cyber space. I wonder what's happening on MYspace?

First meeting with TVZack went well. I haven't scared him off yet. And "Shirley" the convertible is running like a dream.


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