Thursday, April 18, 2013


We're hanging out on the edge of GNJohn's "Infinity Lawn". There's Diamond Dave, Pigpen Rothman and of course GNJ. The flies have eased off, thank God and talk turns to the beaver infestation down in the swamp. My solution would be to trap the fuckers, but in this "sistainable" group that's just too brutal. The solution is to install a long piece of culvert pipe and a cage in the pond. The BEAVER DECEIVER fools the beavers into thinking that the damn dam is holding. As everyone knows it's the sound of trickling water that keeps Bucky awake all night, dragging sticks to plug the offending hole. GNJohn pulls out his device and slows me his pipe. "Good luck with that thing." I say, knowing full well those critters won't be fooled. They're just too smart. The trapper will be called.
   The conversation turns to the subject of ass-shaving. I had recently written in HWS on the subject. Jumping the gun in preparation for an upcoming model shoot, I'd gone a little over board in my personal grooming.  DD was curious just how far I'd taken my commitment. Honestly I don't have much foliage back there. In fact there's just a little peach fuzz and a few grey stragglers. It didn't take long. This brought up the subject of how eventually it all just rubs off. My old man had just shiny white  calfs below his knees. Years of tight knee high socks, while working on Wall Street, had worn everything away. "I remember complaining to my Grandma about my pubes turning grey." GNJ offered "She said "Wait until it all falls out."" Then he grabbed his device again and said "I got more pictures."
   We were all stunned into silence. To our extreme relief, GNJ's brain had somehow fizzled to the degree that he was still on the BEAVER DECEIVER conversation (could've been DD's eye medicine), and was not referring to having photo documentation of his grandmother's bald vagina. PHEW!

   Otherwise, we are less than two weeks until opening day of turkey season. My photo shoot is next weekend. All's quiet on the HWSTV front. As they say in the biz- it's on (until it's not).


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