Wednesday, September 18, 2013


If there's one thing I've learned over the years- you can never explain enough. I know I've already gone over all the themes to the upcoming service of the CLGM. Still, people are confused. Is it a cult? Who's St. Sebastian? What's voodoo got to do with anything? Why can't you pick one theme and stick to it? Answering in order: Yes. Patron St. of the military. Nothing. It's not that kind of church. In all this over explaining one thing has gotten lost- what do we wear?
    Even though there it is in big italic letters FULL DRESS UNIFORM, nobody seems to have read it. This service was originally scheduled for the week before Halloween. Because of a previous commitment  Tricky made to migrate to Cali to work in the eye medicine fields, trimming bud, we had to move it up. The usually no-brainer for the congregation to show up in costume was lost. So, let me lay it out for you.
      At some point in almost everyone's life we are forced to wear a uniform. Catholic school girls are put in those extremely short plaid skirts, bent over the desk and paddled gently by angry nuns as......where was I? Oh yeah, uniforms....Look in your closet. I bet you got one. As for myself I'm pulling out my old 'Nam army uniform. When I was over in the shit, I rarely had an opportunity to don the dress greens. Crawling through the jungle with battle ribbons and shiny medals made one a little too much of a target. But I know not everyone has a military background. For you civilians it can be anything: boy scout, prison guard, brownie, private school, cop, nurse, convict, etc.
   Far be it from me to tell anybody what to wear. I got in trouble last week for even suggesting the supermodels should stick a feather in their caps. I'm only trying to spiritually guide, not dictate.  As always wear what you want. It may be a little chilly in the sanctuary, so I would suggest dressing warmly. Just like standing and singing the hymns, we all have to participate. We may subscribe to a show-biz theology, but if you don't look good, we don't look good. Get in the spirit. Service is a week from Sat. 8pm 143 old glen wild rd. Glen Wild, NY 12738. You have your orders.


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