Monday, October 21, 2013


 Yesterday I finally went to the doc for my leg. That morning I had walked PhotogGH  in to my stand , where I shot the 7, then walked back out and went back to bed. My leg hurt like hell. I doubted whether I could climb a stick ladder, and safely get strapped in the stand. After Shewho's party the night before, I was still a little hungover also. But it definitely was the leg, not the head, that sent me hobbling out of the woods. PGH had a doe and the six come in. He had a shot at the six and took it. Sadly he only came up with belly hair. Happily it was a clean miss. The arrow was clear of any fluids. He cursed his luck, and pondered the shot. By all accounts he must've hit a branch. The thinnest of twigs can throw off a bullet, let alone an arrow. Hunt long enough and you'll miss. But back to me.
    I sat in the chair next to the admitting doc. "I guess I need the story." she said with a smile. I told her of the freak accident and watched her puzzled look. She then pointed to the paper in front of her. "It says antler stuck in head." I then showed her my leg, to her relief. My handwriting is bad.......but leg is only 3 letters. Once that was cleared up, it was anti-biotics and a tetanus shot for moi. I feel better. Today I went back to work.

    This morning a member of the shul removed the books, plaques and sacred objects from the sanctuary. I was happy to see these disposed of properly. Although I would've put them to good use, it's appropriate that they are dealt with according to tradition. The last thing i want to do is inadvertently step on toes. And this brings me to Rihanna. I don't know much about this woman other than she's smoking hot and has good/bad tattoos. Now that I have a synagogue and a church people joke about me getting a mosque. The story on Ri-ri has her posing in front of some big mosque somewhere, in her sultry, pouty way. Surprise- they kicked her out.
   I don't know how out of touch this girl is. Honey, don't fuck with the moslems. You can make fun of the christians and jews 'til the cows come home, with no consequences. That's why I feel comfortable doing work in Hebrew or burning crosses or inseminating virgins, it's all good. No one pays the least bit of attention. But start up The Mosque of the Little Green Man and get ready for a shit storm. It's a big failing with this bunch- a lack of self-deprication. They take themselves way too seriously. Rihanna looks great in her birka pant-suit and gold. Word to the wise girlfriend. Leave Islam alone. They don't appreciate your hotness. My leg/head is feeling better. And my lips are positioned in a bedroom pout.


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