Thursday, November 7, 2013


   It didn't take long. As soon as I changed my stance on the change in NY's law on legalized gaming in the state, the lines lit up and the emails began pouring in. The excitement in the air was palpable. Coincidently, yesterday was a big day at the shul/casino. I'd hired roofers and the surveyor finally showed up to set the pins and move one step closer to closing on the property. Rain was forecast for last night, so I had my hands full overseeing getting the place buttoned up. Even though it had been leaking for could always get worse with improper treatment. By dark the tarps were flapping in the breeze and my fingers were crossed that they would not blow off in the storm. So, at mid-day when I received an email from Diamond Dave to attend a meet and greet with the Gov. I had to beg off and remain in town.
    It wasn't until after dark, when I got a call from DD, to come by for drinks, that I got the scoop on the shindig with the bigwigs. Predictably our fearless leader of NYS dropped into Bethel Woods, just like Jimi Hendrix close to 50 years ago, in a State police helicopter. All the players were there- Steve Esq. (of Steve and Edy), The Cheese Man, Mr. Big, RNB, Aileen G., the head of the Stateys, a bunch of bodyguards and of course DD. The parking lot was filled with shiny limos, Mercedes, BMWs and Diamond Dave's space ship Porsche. Using common sense DD wasn't packing. Helpful hint: When you meet the Gov. leave your pistol in the car.

   Some may think my willingness to so readily accept casinos is a flip flopping character flaw. I'm nothing, if not a pragmatist. The way i see it I have two choices- dig in my heels and alienate all these heavyweights (which would be fun) or try to work with them in shaping our future, now that it's a done deal. I choose the later. And this is not going to be easy. I'm so comfortable as a thorn in the side of these cats, that it may take some doing to change my stripes. To pull out one more old chestnut- if you can't beat 'em.....use 'em.
   Right now Double Agent DD is our best weapon. He and Steve Esq. pressed the flesh with Gov. Andy and all the rest gathered at the old WOODSTOCK site. They talked with Aileen G.'s people about the CLGM and HWS. I knew the DEC read this blog, but was surprised to hear that Andy was a fan. Here's a shout out to the Gov. Poor Jimi was probably turning over in his grave. Who would've thought in 1969 that Yasgur's corn field would be such an ongoing historical hot spot. There must be some sort of convergence vortex in that field. Will this new law destroy the 'Skills or help it? We'll all just have to wait and see. In the meantime I hope the tarps haven't blown off my casino, NYSEG sets me a new meter, the surveyor gets the paper work to my lawyer and my new fan Andy doesn't allow fracking in NYS. Lets work together. Today's numbers: 15-67-43. Congrats to all you winners!        


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