Saturday, December 21, 2013


 For those of you who think watching DUCK DYNASTY is giving you a glimpse into the true underbelly of America, guess again. In order to really see what's going on out there you have to watch the PURSUIT CHANNEL.  I have it on like wall paper in my house. It's huntin'and killin' TV at it's best. Some of the shows are decent depictions of fair chase hunts, like in the old days of AMERICAN SPORTSMAN, but most are either canned hunts for monster, genetically altered whitetails or self-righteous white, Christian, God-fearing, patriotic, "familycentic" infomercials. What does this bunch think of homosexual terrorists? Nobody cares. This is subculture TV.
   What this channel provides is an almost fanatical adherence to a lifestyle that at it's core has the family that kills critters together, stays together. And to this end they are constantly sharing the experience with the less fortunate....especially around the holidays. I think they mean well, but they seem to be clueless to the fact that watching a mentally challenged kid, his crippled, wheel chair bound body wrapped in blankets, sitting in a box and shooting a doe in a field by blowing in a tube, does not elicit the warm and fuzzys from us viewers. Another favorite "guest" is the "wounded warrior". Men and women in uniform, wounded in battle, are treated to VIP treatment, given plenty of free merch. and set in a box and given the opportunity to kill whatever they want. What's next the homeless? God Bless us all.
    And as the shows on this channel will constantly remind you, it's all about the kids. If we don't pass on our traditions to the kids, the cruel hand of government will take those traditions away, replacing it with video games and internet porn. The youth will be lost, weak, pot smoking masturbators, facing an uncertain future, unable to shoulder a rifle and keep America safe from the suicide bombing homosexuals. You can't really tell if the young paraplegic girl, with Down's syndrome is better or worse for the experience of pulling the trigger and dropping that doe in the dirt. She is smiling. How this has anything to do with a hunting lifestyle is beyond me, but like I said, nobody seems to question it. Obviously nobody wants to see supermodels hunting. As Carlito reminded me yesterday, when you hunt and kill the animal you must show respect and have sex with it. He told me the story of he and RNButch killing a grizzly bear in Alaska and RNB insisting that the Inuit guides leave so they could honor the bear in the ways of their people- by having sex with it. The Inuits did not understand the white man's ways, but left all the same. RNB was paying. Who were they to question the customer and his strange traditions. Now that's a show I'll watch. Can we get crippled kids?


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