Tuesday, March 4, 2014


   I remember back in the 90's hearing about a French race car driver who had started a church in Canada devoted to the belief in UFOs and hot girls. You could see how this would catch my interest. There was a newspaper picture of their fearless leader, called Rael, with a little mustache and a top knot, in front of a flying saucer, surrounded by girls in white go-go boots and crop tops. I cut it out and pinned it to my kitchen wall, not thinking much more about it. Years went by.
   Last night I was trolling the TV, looking for something watchable, when i came across FIRE IN THE SKY. I'd seen it before and remembered it as being pretty good. It was a based on a book by Travis Walton, documenting his supposed abduction by aliens in 1975. It has some of the best (and scariest) scenes of alien abduction Hollywood has ever offered. Again, not thinking much more of it, I got up this morning, and after learning about Jennifer Lawrence not wearing underwear to an Oscar party, I made coffee, loaded the woodstove and turned on the radio. Forget the Ukraine. On Friday a hospital in Africa will open it's doors, devoted to clitoris reconstructive surgery. Who's running the joint? The Raelians. Damn.
    I wouldn't say I actually believe in UFOs or aliens, but neither do I not believe in them. Our church has a theology that is constantly evolving. That's a fancy way of saying that we have no idea what the fuck we are doing. To hold fast to this principal is crucial for me. It frees us up to pick and choose whatever may tickle our fancy- theologically speaking. What I do believe is in coincidences. The combo of last night's movie and today's BBC report on the Raelian hospital in Africa got my juices flowing. Here's what many (myself included) would consider a crackpot cult, with beliefs in space travel and human cloning, actually funding a modern hospital devoted exclusively to righting a heinous wrong visited on millions of girls worldwide. How can this not peek your interest?
   The USA hdqtrs. of the Raelian movement is in Las Vegas. Surprise. I've never been one for cults or gambling, but....... I lived through Jim Jones and The People's Temple in SF and interviewed my neighbor Jeannie Mills (a Temple whistle blower) who listed Scientology as the most dangerous cult around. She was then murdered, along with her husband and daughter. Nobody has ever been charged. So I tread carefully around these things. Yet, I have to say, the Raelians may be onto something. There's a big empty field across the road at RNButch's, perfect for a landing. Just saying. I don't know how far this blog reaches. But if anyone out there is listening.......welcome. I know you come in peace. My clitoris could use a little reconstruction.


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