Sunday, June 22, 2014


As casino contenders in Sullivan County drop by the wayside, one by one, magazines like GREENDOOR fold, and the paint continues to peel in the bungalows of our mind.......lets drop in Rock Hill and see how this little Catskill truck stop is making out.
    This "town" used to be no more than a fire house, post office, church, the TRADING POST- opened in 1960, (the spot where even now you can get a chain saw and a sandwich), a barbershop (now gone) and MY FATHER'S PLACE disco (the old rail stop turned Exxon station). For decades that was it, no more. The Pizza the Rock building sat vacant for decades. These days, with the help of the deep pockets of RNButch, HisBroRandy, and miaccountant DApel and son things are changing These cats are turning "the strip" around. With a wink of the historical eye you can now get a decent cup of coffee in, count 'em, two places in Rock Hill- BREW and THE KRISPY APPLE.
    We don't usually do reviews here at HWS, but Diamond Dave caught me exiting the shul yesterday. He pulled up in a brand spanking new, light blue Porshe. . I hope he's told wife Irish Liz about the purchase by now. I know she reads the blog, so if you haven't DD....sorry, you may be in trouble by the time you get home. I didn't want to know what it cost. Most emerging countries have a smaller GNP. He knows how much it breaks my heart to see him squander his duccets on things with wheels, but I've given up trying to steer him away. As we caught up, he mentioned that RNButch was waiting for a "Brew review".  Not to play neighborhood favorites, here's my take on the overall commercial gentrification of Rock Hill:

1. The yearly ROAD RALLY- This bunch of rich cats in souped up little cars have been taking over our bucolic back roads for a few years now. Last year I got in a big pissing match with them over putting me on lock down for the weekend. This year I went to WSS, just to avoid the mess. Word has it that they won't be coming back next year. Turns out I wasn't the only one annoyed at these idiots. I, for one, won't miss them.
2. ST. PATTY'S DAY PARADE- An excuse to drink heavily during daylight hours at Dutch's, after watching a few fire trucks drive by. Not my thing, but all good for the community. I support the Irish.
3. VINTAGE CAR SHOWS- These are a favorite at the fire house. It does back up traffic when I'm trying to reach the Trading Post for a six pack, turning my run from 10 to 12 minutes, but I can deal. Careful. If the sun hits the shiny paint jobs just right it can blind you when you drive by.
4. FARMER'S MARKET- Aaron Burr Cider, Majestic Farms, Trussbridge Farms, and a whole bunch of localvore merchants are spread out in the dusty parking lot next to the visitor's center, across from the Trading Post, every Sat. morning. The stuff is fresh, delectable and way too expensive. But try finding a farmer's market that isn't.
5. THE KRISPY APPLE- Opened right next to Miaccountant's little hut, I had coffee there this morning, after being too bleary eyed to wait in the long line at Brew. As the barista gave a "fresh bean" lecture to couple waiting for a smoothie, I looked around. Nice rustic general store interior and a kind of "hippie vibe". Coffee was excellent! I'll be back.
6. RESNICKVILLE- This includes THE SULLIVAN MOTEL, BERNIE'S HOLIDAY RESTAURANT, CRUST, BREW......and that's just so far. This consortium includes RNButch, HBRandy, Steve and Edy, and a big staff. I haven't stayed at the motel, but I've hit the rest. BHR- great little ribs and drinks. A little pricey. Crust- I recommend the sausage pizza. I haven't had anything else. And last, but not least the Brew review: DD and I hit it after the auction last week. The paddle of little micro-brew beers is $7 and well worth it. I had the chicken salad on thick marble rye. Fresh and yummy. Burgers were too well done. When I order rare I want rare. But they were tasty and moderately priced. Since I keep forgetting to buy coffee I've been to Rock Hill more than ever for my morning cup. Except for this AM I'm gotten it at Brew. Great med. cup for under $2. My one complaint was paying $12 for a cup of coffee and a bagel with lox and creme cheese. DD assures me it's just the "lox market" that threw this out of my price range. I say find cheaper lox. All in all I give it 3 and a half titties.

To all the businesses in Rock Hill I wish them well. They are making history (without casinos). Lines are  forming.  Finally a decent cup of coffee! Everyone seems to be doing a brisk business. Nobody needs my review. But here it is anyway. Tell 'em you read it in HWS.

  I don't know how I could've forgotten the place I've had breakfast at least once a week for the last 20 years- THE ROCK HILL DINER. The "Big Breakfast" is legendary and cheap as any East Village Polish Cafe from back in the day. Just yesterday my waitress asked what my name was? "I'm Dee." she said sticking out her hand. I knew that. "After all these years....."  


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