Tuesday, September 23, 2014


After a week visiting "civilization", otherwise known as SF, I can appreciate that Alaskan news anchor's  parting words, as she left her day job to concentrate on legalizing marijuana in the state. Close to 50 years as a pot smoker, and here in NY I still risk arrest, am forced to deal with underground dealers, and never know what i'm buying. Sativa? Indica? Furgetaboutit. I buy pot. Even though California only has "medical" marijuana, everyone is in on the joke. Pot doctors, in seedy little offices, pretend to diagnose various maladies that marijuana may help. Can't sleep? Nervous? Anxious in crowds? Anxious alone? It's a bottomless pit of of reasons to imbibe. The doc makes a cut. The dispensaries uphold the rules and the entire population is "sick", hoping to be cured by the green. It's a joke, but it works.
    Unlike Col. or Wash. there is no marijuana tourism in Cali. While visiting i half-heartedly tried to get a medical marijuana card. First step: get a California ID. This means going to DMV. The one office in the entire city is on the pan handle off Oak St. It hasn't changed since I got my Cal. driver's license in 1975. I recognized the Asian security guard. "Which line for ID?" He grunted and pointed to a line that snaked out the door and around the corner. Fuck it. No pot card is worth a day at the DMV. Now lets torch one.
   I tagged along as El Prof. renewed his card and re-stocked the larder, just to observe the process. The beauty of buying your weed at a dispensary is you are given information. Edibles, earwax, indica, sativa....... whaddaya want? The people are knowlegible and friendly Why should we be denied our medicine here in NY and so many other states? Why should the gov't. be denied massive taxable income, as well as tourist dollars? It's a shanda. Of course I brought some product home using the Hanson method, and for the time being it's all about "Girl Scout Cookie" and weak in the knees sativa. My glaucoma is thankful. My head is clear. If I had a day job I'd mimic that anchor: Fuck it. I quit. Roll me another.


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