Monday, August 31, 2015


     Recently I was introduced as an "advocate". For what exactly, I have no idea. But I liked the sound of it. I've never been too political in my work, or otherwise. i think the last protest I went to was for  Huey Newton's funeral in Oakland. Before that it was after those students were killed by the National Guard at  Kent State. Years go by. I missed the anarchists and the Occupy movement. And I've always felt political art work to be out of my sphere. It always seems too heavy handed. But recently I've found it creeping into my sculpture nonetheless. Who can not be moved by this slowly tightening mortal coil? It's gotta come out somehow.
     Wars in Syria, Afghanistan and Libya, famine, drought, bone crushing poverty in Africa, and destabilization throughout the world is fueling the beginning of a great migration into Europe. And in this country immigration and talk of thousand mile walls and fences by all Republican Presidential candidates is turning right from xenophobia to paranoid bigotry. The less than cival discussion led by the mean clown Donald Trump. Every candidate's speech starts with the flat out statement that our country has gone to hell and they know how to fix it. That large tub of bile Chris Christy would put a "lowjack" tracking device on every visa holder entering this country. Sounds a little like "pre-crime". We know you are gonna overstay your welcome. We just want to know where to arrest you when you do.
   But Trump takes the cake for vitriol. And all those "Bubbas" and "Bubbettes" in the heartland lap that caustic shit up like hogs at the trough. Most have never seen an "immigrant" but they sure as hell know they are the cause of gas prices going up and the kiddie pool springing a leak last week. Trump's base could never be faulted for being wishy-washy. They believe him.  I'm sure Hitler's beer hall buddy's believed him. Don't get me wrong I'm not comparing The Donald to Hitler......wait........yeah I am. That was another mean spirited clown, with a bad comb over, that blamed an entire people for all that was wrong with society. Do I see a mustache in your future Donald?  


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