Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Ever since my first wife bought OUR BODYS OURSELVES in the early 70's and started quoting Erica Jong and Bella Abzug as foreplay, I've considered myself a Feminist. I've always considered women at least my equals and usually my betters. Men are assholes. Everyone knows it. The fact that they've run the world for so long is undeniable proof to that fact. Famine, terrorism, pestilence, global warming, TV- are all products of a male dominated society. Men are destroying the little green earth at an accelerated pace, most likely too fast to reverse. So when it comes to electing a woman president I'm not only open to the prospect, I'm excited about it. But....... the two women in the running are Hilary and Carly. What's a feminist to do?
    If you are Gloria Steinem you toe the party line. And here is where the so-called feminist leadership loses me. Recently interviewed by Bill Mahr, Ms. S. explained Bernie Sanders' overwhelming appeal to young women like this: " Girls go where the boys are. And the boys are with Bernie." Following her rationale if you are Black you should vote for Ben Carson just because he's Black (I think). This argument is antiquated, limiting and so ridiculous it is no wonder young women are rejecting it. The post-feminist youth knows better than to vote with their dicks and pussies. They are way smarter and better informed than the youth of the 60's and 70's. The internet has taught them all about the history of the Clinton machine, the corporate politics of Fiorino and the cold hearted nastiness of the Republicans. They are anything but silly girls following cute boys to the Sanders rallies. It's insulting for GS to suggest it....not to mention anti-feminist.
   We live in a world of Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, The New Jim Crow, an unfair Corpocracy that is admittedly run by men. Do we need a woman president? Fuck Yeah! But unless some bright, shining light of estrogen reveals herself in the 11th hour, or Bernie decides on a sex change, becoming the first transgendered/socialist candidate for the highest office in the land, I will not vote with my pussy to elect either Hil or Car. I will vote for Bernie or Bernadette. She's got us girls on her side.  


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