Tuesday, March 15, 2016


It's six weeks 'til turkey season and maybe by then we'll put the "hunting" back in HWS. But for now what else is there to talk about? Church? Forget it. After 30 years of trying to light a fire under the inner circle, I'm worn out. It looks like we'll celebrate our Diamond Jewbilee with a whimper and a groan. I'm not completely resigned to this fate....but I'm close. The BAF is MIA and it looks like they have no desire to heel to the call. I'm open to suggestions. Anyone know a musical director or organist who is willing to work for nothing? Seems like people just don't believe in burning dollar bills anymore. So forget church. Politics? Now yer talking.
   These days you can't get away from it. And we have one person to thank for that- Donald J. Trump. Recently at a stockholders meeting CBS president Les Moonvez thanked the Donald profusely for stirring the American shit pile so vigorously that the money was pouring in. He sounded like a Colombian coke dealer trying to find another empty tract house to stack the boxes of cash. He was positively giddy. Everyone cheered. The Republican machine tacitly chastises the Donald's methods on the one hand and holds back outright condemnation, just in case he does get elected. No one wants to be shunned by power and not get invited to state dinners.. Trump not only exposes the party for the hypocrites they are, he shines a light on hundreds of thousands of racist, xenophobic, assholes....just like himself.
    In the 50's the civil rights movement challenged the status-quo, at a cost of many Black lives and their leadership. In the sixties the struggle continued with the addition of white youth, both opposed to racism and the war in Vietnam. Watergate was the ultimate victory for the left. It brought down a corrupt, illegal government, led by President Nixon. But that was a long time ago. Not all, but most of the country became passively divided. The racists couldn't say "nigger" in public anymore, but they easily could in their living rooms and job sites. They weren't any less racist, or fundamental in their views. They were, just like in Nixon's days, the silent majority. They hid their hate like a child molester hides his horrific deeds. He seemed like such a nice guy. Thanks to Trump they are silent no more. And man, there's a lot of them.
   Trump may not fit the strict definition of a fascist, but he's coming closer every day. And in turn those nasty, mean spirited "patriots" who attend his rallies are being fitted for brown shirts as we speak. The mean old redneck who sucker- punched the black protester and later threatened that "if he comes back we may have to kill him." is having his legal bill paid by the Trump organization. "He just got a little excited" Trump explained. But you know all this. And for this I thank Mr. Trump. He has exposed just how sick America is- from the cigar chomping political bosses and black hearted billionaires, all the way down to that old German woman showing just how the seig heil salute should be done: palm down, fingers together, stiff arm outstretched. Click those heels. That's the ticket. It's fun!    


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