Tuesday, May 31, 2011


    I've always said that it's just as important to stop things as to start them. I closed MO David Inc. in 1987 in NYC. I accepted the fact that I wanted to be an artist way more than an art dealer and came to the rather obvious conclusion that I wasn't much of a salesman. It was one of the best moves I ever made. Unencumbered by the dismal everyday grind of running a retail art space freed me up to explore other things. I began writing songs, hooked up with three amazing musicians- Scott Jarvis, Rob Kennedy and the late Jerry Williams, and began to explore my inner rocker in the band Purple Geezus. Then the band, along with Carlo McCormick and I plotted in my E6th St. apt to form the Church of the Little Green Man. Fuck the art world. Music and religion were way more fun.
   The other side of that equation is that once stopping things, it may make sense to start 'em up again. Aside from an emergency church in 2001, we essentially stopped the CLGM and Purple Geezus in the early 90's. I moved to the country. So here I was living in the Catskills, removed from the art scene, removed from the music scene, restoring a 150 year old church working as a carpenter, hunting and guiding, continuing static work and writing songs. I bought a guitar and taught myself some cords. Life was good, if a little isolated. I never imagined I'd be a dealer again and questioned ever doing the church. Then something happened. I met a young guy named Josh Druckman. He had a recording studio in an old bungalow and the two of us began recording my stuff. I've found there are a few people who I've met in my lifetime that have opened up completely new worlds to me. Usually they become really good friends. In order from 1977 I put them Tony Labat, Carlo McCormick and Josh Druckman. These guys expanded my world. And it's still blowing up....
  So it has been working with J.D. (aka Slick) that I finally restarted the CLGM. Church is back. Three services down and more coming. BORST BELT DIRTY DANCING STAND UP COMEDIAN CATSKILL CLICHE CHURCH is coming up on Labor Day. The congregation is growing. Dollars are going up in smoke. And now if you can believe it I've restarted MO David as MO DAVID NORTH with the love of my life Shewho. We had the first opening this weekend with photos by R. Kern M. Rothen and G. Holz. It fucking rocked the house.  And this is no small part do to the infusion of a much younger and better looking scene supplied by Mr. Druckman. No, we haven't sold anything yet. And maybe we won't. But once again that is inconsequential. This stuff lives and breathes. It ends. It starts up again. And always the tribe is out there. Here we go again.