Sunday, June 29, 2008


As told to me by Emma Lee-

"My dad was doing something at the lake one day when he heard this odd bird call. "That's not a local bird." he told my mom and spotted the chattering bird in a tree by the cabin. It was a Cockatiel. You know Savage. He startd mimicing the bird's call and the thing swooped down on the picnic table. He tried to get ahold of it, but it spooked and flew down the lake. We heard later it attacked Willie and then disappeared.
Early the next morning as the blue jays started up, Savage heard the foreign call amongst the chatter. "There he is." he whispered to mom, and jumped out of bed. It took some doing, but he called the bird in and grabbed it. Then he called me. I went to Petco got a cage, then drove down and picked up the bird. We named him Sonny. Well, Sonny was the meanest, dirtiest bird I'd ever seen. He'd stick his tail through the cage and shit on the wall, knock his food all over the floor, and if you tried to kiss him he'd fly in your face and peck at your eyes. At first we thought he was just a little traumatized, but after a few weeks he'd only gotten worse.
Then one day a friend came over and she "bird whispered" to Sonny, and damned if he didn't calm right down. He was so sweet. His personality totally changed. But then, he got out of his cage and the dog went after him. Sonny smashed his head on the window and he immediately turned back into a mean filthy beast. We spent the whole winter hating that bird. Come spring I was just gonna open the window and let him out, when I heard another cockateil calling from down the block. My neighbor told me her bird was also a runaway that she had found in the park. I asked her if I could bring Sonny over to play with her bird Coochie. As soon as Sonny saw Coochie it was love. He cocked his head and started making little twittery noises I'd never heard him make before. We opened his cage and Sonny flew in with Coochie. My neighbor said he could live with them on her refridgerator, and that's where they are to this day. True love."


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