Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Since that last pitiful posting I've done little but lay around and cough. Nurse Ginger has pneumonia and swears i have the same. I probably do. So it's pills, hot toddys and food (when Shewho's around). We've had some snow and more's coming. And it's gonna get cold. Thank God for the new flat screen. I got a little wood in today without a coughing fit, so maybe the worst is over. The last time I laid around this much I had a broken back. In my boredom I came up with the idea for The Old School for Social Sculpture and ended up buying a one room school house. This time I've tried to get the new cow piece off the ground but haven't had much luck. I can hear Buddy Key now talking to his son Scott- "I don't know what he wants....just call him." But no call. You gotta handle farmers gently. They are a fucking sensitive lot.
The only other project on the horizon is Hollie Witchey's impending real estate deal. She's buying a 200 year old farm house above Jeffersonville. I have no idea how big it will turn out to be, but I know I'll be working a little. And that's it. The phone hasn't rung in months. This must be what they were talking about a downturn. But back to that non-existent project. I keep beating my brain for a little spark of creativity. But no luck. We have a church coming up and I've started a new facebook page to tell church canon- facebook.com/clgm, but this is a minor time filler. Then I started a new blog- cinemabuns.blogspot.com which posts pictures of asses, and or funny/obscene animal shots. It's dedicated to Michael Douglas. This one has real potential but it's in it's infancy. I could go coyote hunting but don't have the energy to load the gun. On Thurs. Marianna Louise has an opening in Brooklyn. Maybe that's what I need- a trip to town.


At January 11, 2011 at 1:32 PM , Blogger S said...

If you come to NYC and wanna smoke one please drop a note Mike.

Hope that chest cold or pneumonia heals up.

The bout I had this year is what kept me from Jerry's Memorial - I was knocked flat on my ass.

Sounds as though you are being nursed well.

Smoke 'em if ya got 'em

- Sean P.


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