Sunday, January 16, 2011


  The Xmas @ Easter Laptism CLGM is shaping up nicely. The date is May 15, 2011. There will be a private baptism of Ollie Mae Short early in the day (just family) and a full on church service around 5pm.  The theme being Xmas or Easter, I expect many bunnies and elves to be in attendance. A petting zoo with sheep, rabbits and goats will be set up on the church lawn. Inside I hope to have the David Ireland Memorial Stained Glass Window installed. Brother Duke is working on that right now in Maine. And this being the Vernal Equinox we want to make this a very sexy church. To that end I'm installing The RAO Memorial Stripper pole in memory of my father. Donations accepted. I think the old man would approve.
   I've always liked the idea of memorializing the family, friends and congregation. In the  80's I established The Wray Osterhout Memorial Scholarship Fund in Art and Architecture at my old high school Valley Central. I was always broke, so eventually the rest of the family chipped in on the $100 prize. I think I did it for over 10 years. When my niece Betheroo graduated we ended the donation. Of course, now I have the tattoos and church in order to remember fondly those who have passed before.
   But back to the May 15th service. There will be a photo show of Marianna Rothen's (and maybe other's) photos in the Jerry Williams Memorial Outhouse Gallery and as always a post church bbq and disco. This will be the first church of the season. Also slated for summer will be a Casino Mass Wedding Dirty Dancing CLGM. And remember we also can be pimped out for private affairs. Just drop me a line.


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