Sunday, September 18, 2011


I've been pondering this for a while. Since the Catskill Cliche Temple and the Teenage Hassid attack on THE GOD LOVES FAGS Tobias Yves Zintel billboard I've been considering changing teams. Not in the traditional read the Torah and give up Red lobster, study all night, movie and Chinese food for Xmas way, but the get the sign painter to change "church" to "temple", Sunday to Saturday night service way. Maybe the Christians deserve a break and I can work full time associating the TLGM with my Semitic brethren. I like Saturday night for services.
   I brought this up with one of the elders- Savage Lynch and he was not so sure. "I went to Sunday School with you. I KNOW you are Christian." I disagree. The CLGM may borrow heavily from the Christian tradition but I never declared myself to any Sexy Jesus. I've always been a free agent. Hell, if the Muslims had a little more of a sense of humor I could easy like Mohammed. So why not? I like the Jews. They are funny as shit. Even the ones who aren't funny, think they are and that's a total crack up. Plus there are plenty here in the hood. Savage may just have to accept the tide change. It'll take a little time to get the paper work together. I'll keep you posted. TEMPLE OF THE LITTLE GREEN MAN has a nice ring to it.


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