Friday, September 9, 2011


No- not the World. Not yet. What's over for me is my participation in the social media site known as Facebook. I guess I'd been in that crowded little room for a little over a year. Before that I'd partied, drink in hand, at the MySpace get together. But then someone told me that there was a much cooler party happening on another floor. I came late to both, eaten a couple of hot dogs, had a beer or two and left without so much as saying goodbye. That's just me.
   There is no specific reason for leaving the fb crowd. In many ways it was a hip little get together. I always brought along flyers hyping whatever I was doing at the time, handing them out and waiting patiently for the thumbs up or maybe even someone telling me how much they liked my efforts. But after a while the whole process became predictably stale. And not only this, but when I wasn't in the room I found myself wondering how the party was going? Was I missing anything? Maybe I'll just poke my head in and see what people are talking about.....Like the clackety-clack of a razor blade on a mirror, I salivated in anticipation. Then, disappointed in the banality of the dynamic, I closed the door and walked down the stairs.
   I've always insisted that it is just as important to cease something as it is to start something. I've started and stopped plenty of projects over the years. The reasons are many for stopping. Failure is a big one. Boredom runs a close second. Then there is "liking" it too much. An admittedly addictive personality plays into this. I stopped watching TV in 1995 only to get satellite 10 years later. I stopped hunting in 1975 only to return to it with religious ferocity 20 years later. Heroin has got nothing on sitting for 8 hours in a tree stand. My art runs the gamut of styles, medium and artistic personalities. Some are fictional, some real. Some are alive, some dead. Some techniques I continue. Some I drop. Projects start and stop. The church and the gallery continue.....for now. When I joined facebook they asked for a quote. It's as relevant now as it was then. All I know is "I'll never join facebook- again"


At September 10, 2011 at 9:54 PM , Blogger bloemboy said...

i miss you on FB......common back dammit


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