Monday, August 22, 2011


I'm sitting here in the gallery, incessantly swatting flies. I couldn't even get that sentence written....nor this one..... without picking up the swatter and going on the attack. There. I just killed one more and he landed on my keyboard. Yesterday i turned 69. A bunch of friends came over and the doors stayed open for hours. Hence the flies.
   I didn't always love people so much. in fact i didn't like them very much at all. But, I tell you, it is so refreshing to be around loved ones and even a few strangers, as I get older by the minute. Like my cats, I think I am changing personalities.....some would say "Thank God." I still don't think much of people as a species but one on one, or in small very select groups I find them delightful.
   My young French friend Ptolemy has come to visit and although 50 years separate us, conversation is easy and relaxed. Last night after the party we chilled out watching THE WIRE. "I love THE WIRE." Ptol exclaimed. He doesn't have a TV in France, so I asked who turned him onto this fine series? "Obama." he replied. "Excuse me?" I thought I had heard him wrong. I hadn't. "I heard an interview with President Obama and he talked about how good THE WIRE was. (Two more flies down. One buzzing in my beard.) Obama was quoted as saying how interesting the Omar character was. Omar was the super-human gangster with an extreme attitude towards drug dealers....a vigilante's vigilante. Ptol and I agreed with Obama on this issue. We liked Omar also. The OG had a code. Shit, in THE WIRE the cops don't even have a code.
  Then as the episode ended we saw Omar, dead on the morgue slab. Fuck! We had missed Omar meet his demise. So we switched to CNN and the war in Libya. Kadaffy was to fall at any minute! Yet, like those flies eluding my swatter, by the time I hit the sack Libya was still in full on kill mode. "Until the bitter end." I'm sure it will all work out. What I want to know is who shot Omar?      


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