Friday, August 5, 2011


The siege of Glen Wild continues. But in between setting trail cams. and checking trip wires, the Tobias Yves Zintel show is shaping up nicely. I don't want to jinx it but I think it's going to be a hit. This guy is so easy to work, amiable, young. Such a nice refreshing change from my frustrating try at bringing back from the dead Ethelbert Crawford. I haven't totally given up on EBC, but for now let him lie in the trunk in the library attic. TYZ is more relevant, less 90's. And I mean 1890's.
  The Catskill Cliche Church had it's first rehearsal and more and more Hassidim are pulling over in their mini-vans taking pictures of the TYZ- GOD LOVES FAGS  billboard. The guy may profess to not be provocative but his shit is getting the hairy eyeball for sure. "Provocation is super-lame." he writes. A contradiction no? In either case this German quasi- Satanist is getting the attention of the Tribe. I never thought anything I did on this side of the road could compete with camels.
   Just yesterday i queried a couple of young Hasid men in regard to the TYZ billboard. "Does it offend you?" I asked politely. "It's not true." answered the older of the two. "That's your opinion." I said. "Well things that aren't true offend me." he countered. Well I could dig that. We had common ground. To be honest I don't think Tobias Yve's Zintel knows if God Loves Fags. I don't think he knows if God even cares. But I also know that the Hasid doesn't know either. "The reason I ask." Getting back to conversation. "Is a bunch of Hassidim teenagers tore apart that billboard."
    I had the idea he knew where I was going with this. "Well...." he admitted "You shouldn't destroy private property." "Thank You."

The Tobias Yves Zintel billboard and his upcoming show have opened up a necessary, albiet provocative (intentional or not) fissure in the wall that has been built here in the Catskills. Be you Hasid, secular jew, mouth breathing hillbilly local, mobbed up italian, Ashram devotee or fag this show is for you.


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