Friday, November 11, 2011


  According to Savage Lynch 11/13 is the hot day to be in the woods. But for me, I like 11/11. I always seem to see deer on this day. But this morning there wasn't hide nor hair. I started the day watching the sun rise from the orchard stand down by the river. It's not usually a good morning spot but I was stuck. Between the Budde dogs and Scapegoat Dave's cacophony I couldn't take the Majestic stand first thing. As I sat there my mind wandered. Then a startling thought- did I shut the wood stove door? Hmmmmmm? This happened once before a few years back. It was a foggy afternoon. The same thought went through my mind and then I heard the fire alarm. The trucks seemed to stop directly east- right about where my house was. That time I got out of the tree and drove up the hill. Through the thick fog I could see flashing lights. My heart was in my throat. A fireman stopped the car at the fork in the road. I couldn't see flames, but I smelled smoke. Then the fireman waved me through. It was the neighbor's house. Damn. That was close.
   This morning I got home to a house filled with smoke. I HADN'T shut the stove door. Luckily it was just a smoldering log. I grabbed another cup of coffee, counted my lucky stars and warmed up. There was a stiff, cold NW wind. My plan was to hunt behind the cemetery, creeping into the wind. I got back in the truck. I hadn't gone a 1/4 mile before a nice 8 point buck sauntered across the road into the woods behind the church. I turned the truck around. Change of plans. There was an old hillbilly tree stand on the other side of those woods. I headed for it. One of the steps fell off in my hands on the way up...but I made it. I knocked an arrow and grunted, scanning the woods. It wasn't two minutes before I heard leaves crunching behind me. There was a big 7 point mature buck 30 yards out and closing the distance. I couldn't believe my luck. I slowly raised the bow and as I did he stopped broadside at about 20 yards....raised his nose and spun. He was down wind and I'm sure I smelled like a fucking forest fire.
   The rest of the afternoon was slow. I saw a doe and some chasing, but nothing close. As the sun set and the wind died down I huddled in the cold, disappointed but far from discouraged. In fact I can't wait to get back in there in the morning. What I lack in ability I make up for in persistence. 11-11-11- two good bucks. I made a wish. Tomorrow,,,,,,  


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