Thursday, December 22, 2011


 I had just talked to Shewho an hour before. "Be careful driving and call me when you get home." I said and went back to skinning out the buck head I had sitting on the coffee table. I can't afford the taxidermist this year and these two bucks deserve better than just sawing off the antlers. So I'm skinning, cooking and stripping the skulls. After that who knows. Diamonds? Naw. Too Damien Hirst. Then the phone rang. "Hiiiiiiiii....." It was Shewho. By the sound of her voice I knew something was wrong. "I just got in a bad accident......I'm OK......Oh man........" My mind kicked into overdrive. "Where are you?" She had driven off the mountain, back towards NYC and made it almost to the Palisades when traffic came to a screeching halt. She slammed on the brakes on the wet road and lost control. Spinning across two lanes of traffic she crashed into the concrete median on the driver's side. "Here comes the cops. I'll call you right back. I don't think the car can be driven." And she hung up.
    I went back to scrapping meat from the buck's skull. Pea soup fog shrouded the mountain. I waited in shock. When the phone rang again another voice was on the end of the line. "Hi. This is the paramedic. We are taking Shewho to Nyack Hospital." "What? I thought she was fine?" The paramedic took a deep breath. "Well......when someone is in a car that experiences such damage.....we have to take her in." OK. I got in the truck and headed for Nyack. My mind was racing. Was she really OK? My night vision isn't too good these days and the 1984 Ford pick up I drive is not exactly lit up. I had all I could do to read the instructions to the hospital. I have no cell phone, nor obviously map quest. Pencil, paper and a good sense of direction got me to the emergency room.
   Shewho has many names. When I asked the girl at the desk if Shewhocannotbenamed was admitted? She looked at me blankly. Then I went through the list of her other names. She had a hit on her second ex-husband's last name. Bingo. I followed her instructions through the hallways. There sat Shewho talking to a young Dr., looking no worse for the wear. Oh yeah, I kinda looked like a hillbilly. I hadn't even changed out of my hunting clothes- rubber boots, camo and orange hat. "Looks like we got you out of the woods." a nice nurse commented. "If she acts goofy bring her back in." The Dr. said as he shook my hand. I cracked that that would probably be before we left the parking lot. I have never gotten in and out of a hospital so fast and had such nice people take care of a loved one and wish us both Merry Christmas with such genuine good will. If you are gonna get in an accident I highly recommend you tell the paramedics to take you to Nyack Hospital.
   Now it's the day after and it all has had a chance to sink in, just how wrong this could've gone. I haven't seen the car, but by all accounts (aside from Shewho's) it was totaled. She is sooooooooo lucky and in turn so am I. Deer season is over. I shot two bucks and a doe. I am surrounded by good people- both family and friends. Xmas is coming and Shewho, Smokey and I are going to share it with Chuck, Tessa and Cardinal Tristan out at WSS. After last night the true meaning of being blessed is seared into my brain. HAPPY AND SAFE HOLIDAYS TO ONE AND ALL.


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