Saturday, December 3, 2011


 I've got a buck and a doe on the ground. So, with meat in the freezer it's time to check in with Savage his own words.

   "During the rut I hunted behind the house in the morning and in the afternoon drove up the mountain to hunt the high stand. On 11/11 I had a nice heavy, dark eight come down the hill. I could see it was a shooter. I drew back and waited. Two more steps and I had him. Then, out of the blue he spun and headed back up the hill. I had the wind. I didn't know what spooked him. Then I looked down. A wind breaker I had draped over the shooting bar had slipped off and fell to the ground. Just bad luck."

   Opening night dinner at Mupp's found Mupp, Beaver and I with bucks and Savage with nothing. This was Topsy-Turvey World. I think it was the first time in deer hunting history that the three of us had scored and Savage came up empty. What was going on?

"I hardly saw anything the first week, no shooters."

Milawyer (Savage's bro) came up from West Virginia and Mupp and I joined them to put on drives around here. We saw deer, but no horns. It's always a blast to hunt with these guys. At the end of the day we sat in my cold kitchen drinking and bullshitting, until the wives started calling. Two days later the phone rang.

"Savage here. They've been putting on drives over at the farm. No shooters but they've been taking does and even put out a bear on one drive- a little one. No one shot it. Bobby and I went over to hunt that property near the trestle. I saw some does on the edge, near the property line. So I belly crawled up to get a better look. Turned out there was a six and a small eight with them. I decided to pass on the eight and get on one of the does. But they kept moving away and I couldn't get a shot. Then I was kicking myself for passing on the eight. I got on the radio and told Bobby I was going to try to get a little closer. Then before I could move, the eight reappeared. I had a good steady rest on my belly pack. He gave me a broadside shot and I dropped him. Finally! Meat in the freezer. Savage out."


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