Friday, March 30, 2012


   Any reader of this blog will recognize the photos of Marianna Rothen. She's been supplying me with blog babeage for quite some time. And as most of you know I rarely go to the city anymore. But a M. Rothen show at Hendershot Gallery 195 Chrystie St, NYC is one of the very few reasons I will tighten the wire holding the back door of the Neon shut and head south for the evening. Add to that, Shewho's installation of the Golub/Spero headstone out at some Brooklyn cemetery and I could not avoid the trip.
   My timing was perfect. I left the mountain at noon and was pulling up to Shewho's place in Brooklyn at 1:45pm. I never hit a bit of traffic. We headed for the cemetery.  All was going well until we got totally lost trying to locate the headstone. I have a love/hate relationship with cemeteries. I own one, and am in the process of trying to buy another.....but they generally creep me out. When I get lost in them I start to twitch. Finally we found Leon and Nancy's resting place and the stone was beautiful...understated....and heartfelt. Shewho did good. Some pics and back in the car.
    We grabbed a bite, did a little shopping and ended up at FREEMANS, a nice little bar in a back alley. In this city of millions, who walks in but my neighbor Diamond Dave and wife Irish Liz. Of all the gin joints....... The evening was off to a great start. Slick and Levi were supposed to drive down with me but begged off to stick to the mountain and "work". Let me just tell you boys- You think MO David North has beautiful women at openings? Hendershot for a Rothen show is a very close second. A couple of shots of whiskey and a few beers and I knew I had to either jump ship and head north or dig in for the night. We chose the former. An easy ride out and Shewho and I were snuggled in front of the woodstove by 10:30pm, no worse for the wear. Why I don't do this more often? I have no idea.


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