Friday, March 23, 2012


   The hype surrounding the new teen movie HUNGER GAMES is juxtaposed nicely with the real life teen tragedy of the black kid in Florida shot down by a Hispanic, self proclaimed neighborhood watch dog. Citing Florida's "Stand Your Ground' law, the one in pursuit actually claims self-defense and is not arrested. Baffling any sense of logic, the shooter goes free. I gather from the TV spots for HUNGER GAMES- really good looking, sexy white kids, who know how to handle a bow, kill each other as entertainment for the rest of us. I'm all for that. What i don't want is this cultic fascination with this movie  driving the youth to pick up archery, ultimately fucking up my deer hunt. All I need is girls in tight ripped t-shirts, and dark eye makeup skulking around during the rut.
   But back to the real world. Never one to shy from the concealed carry, the good people of the State of Florida are all packing. Black, White or Hispanic, old or young, it is so easy to get a carry permit in the sunshine state that the most surprising thing is that this doesn't happen twice a week. The claim of self defense rises to comic proportions. A pending case has a mother and son claiming self defense as a deaf- mute kid tried to boost the family jet ski. The mom claimed he said "I have a gun". The son put him down with the 12 ga. Guess he mumbled something in obvious fear for his life.
   If the law was properly applied the pursued Black kid would have been totally justified in pulling his gun and defending himself from the deadly force of the pursuing neighborhood watch dog. But all he had was a cell phone and some Skittles. Arming the populace and telling them all you have to do is claim  self defense in order to blow someone away sounds like a pitch for a teen movie. When the one you are chasing turns and confronts you, your obvious adrenelin fueled state breeds fear- green light. You're legal! Be nice if they could implant one of those red turkey buttons that pop when it's done, just to make sure you are really afraid. Steady..... squeeze......... don't jerk the trigger...........breathe......... fire! Sounds like a great movie. Too bad it's real life.


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