Saturday, May 17, 2014


It's not what you think. Or maybe it is. Did you think that it was four guys sitting in a high end pick up truck, in the rain, smoking weed, drinking tequila, and waiting for a beaver to stream across the pond, so one of us could blow it's brains out with a .22? Then you're right.
    This story starts in 1999 when Ray Gilkey was still alive and the beavers were damming up the swamp. Back in those days there were still apples trees behind the barn and plenty of deer bedded down in the dry high spots. Ray hired a nuisance trapper, who took 9 pelts out of there. He wasn't in time to save the apple trees, but the deer bedding area was saved. Thanks Ray. Now 15 years later, the critters are back with a vengeance. GNJohn's swamp is now a beaver pond and the deer are gone. Ergo the GWBHC.
    Except for the weed and booze w/firearms we were completely legal in our quest for beaver blood. Way past prime fur season, GNJ had called the DEC and acquired a permit to "harass and kill" any beaver we saw fit. Any method was appropriate. The club membership consisted of GNJ, Pigpen "King of the Jews" Rothman, Diamond Dave and I. DD provided the truck, weed, ammo and firearms, GNJ the tequila and PP the running commentary. DD and I were the designated shooters. A beaver head, just above the water line, in the rain, as the sun is setting, is a helluva hard target at 35 yards. It's not exactly hunting, but it is challenging and fun. Safety first. Now pass me that vaporizer.
  By dark we had seen a few wakes and couple of shadowy figures over by the lodge, but nothing close, or still enough for a shot. We unloaded our little guns and called it a day. The first meeting of the GWBHC was called to a close. I'm sure by now all the holes PP and GNJ had dug in the dam are closed up. Beavers work the night shift and can fix the dam faster than you can tear it apart. They are nature's architects and the best crew anyone could ask for. DD has gotten two so far. I'd bet there's a dozen more. Since it's mating season, more are swimming up river every day. The club has it's work cut out for it. We have a long summer of meetings coming up. Next time I'll bring the LSD and an American flag. Die beaver die!  


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