Friday, February 12, 2016


It's 9 degrees with a 30 mph wind. The tiny door bell on the bow of THE INGENUE is dinging like lunch time at the deli. I should be in feeding the woodstove. Instead I'm out in the yard placing new objects hither and thither on the snow dappled lawn. It's the life of the outside (not outsider) artist. Like blog writing satiated any latent need I had for publishing, and buying a guitar satisfied my band envy, placing sculptural work in my yard is one of the things that keeps me from complete despondency concerning a lack of audience. Any car that slows or stops to take it in is a potential fan. Why do I need fans? That's another blog entirely.
    DESTINY HATES A LAGGARD is a piece I've I had in mind for a number of years. I want to do a full size mini-dozer on 12"x12" rough cut beams. But right now I don't have the room or the money. So the 1/4 scale is the answer. Once I completed it I actually liked the proportions as much, or more so, than the proposed full scale. FOR THE BIRDS and YARD PICASSO both have elements of old work, that finally coalesced in their present state. And this is where function dictates final form. In that wind there was no way the pieces cold be anchored to the frozen ground without re-design. Hence the stump and table were introduced. As I stood back and admired my handiwork a gust of wind sent the Picasso tumbling. One piece of split ash engaged with gravity to complete the work.
   I really shouldn't be telling you my tricks. Another stiff gust of wind sends the Ingenue against the rocks (springs), the bell sounding frantically. My finger tips are freezing. She slides on roller skates attached to her underside that skirt the 4x4s. Picture a beautiful, long-legged 19 year old girl teetering on high heels, from opening to opening. The YARD PICASSO wobbles but stands firm, a testament to the old Spaniard's aero-dynamics in his sculpture. It's all in the eye placement. FOR THE BIRDS beckons with 2 lbs. of bird seed. My creative juices are flowing.....and freezing on contact. Who knew the arctic vortex would bring it out of me. And the temps. are about to tumble. We're in for a real freeze.  Look out bitches! I'm hot.    


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