Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Drop your guard for one second....and there goes a buck skulking through the underbrush in the last twinkle of shooting light. I saw the tracks and should of held up at the clearing. He most likely would've stepped right out. Instead i went crashing across the frozen puddles, in a hurry to get home after a freezing cold afternoon in the woods. Out he went. I saw horns, but couldn't get on him. He turned, keeping enough thick stuff between him and I to live another day. FUCK!
Disgusted with myself, i had all i could do to get in the right frame of mind for the 10pm showing of all those VS legs, tits and asses. Clothes? Oh yeah, if you can call them that. Mostly the duds look like something Nashville glitter suit maker Nudie would make for the strippers at Vegas Gold. Lets just say they were made to show off the girl's wares to the best advantage, stupid wings not withstanding. After a good rehearsal, Slick and I grabbed a couple of cold ones, lit up a bone and settled in to watch our girl Morgane.
I don't know whose idea it was to put that Teutonic, nasal toned bimbo Heidi Klum in charge, but.....First there was the self-aggrandizing home movie, THEN a duet with husband Seal. I hope Al Queda is watching. LOOK! There's Morgane under that stupid floppy hat. Whatthefuck? That hat made the wings look like understated Chanel. Slick and i moan. Then the show breaks for commerical. Slick and i are talking and on comes a Brit voice over. We both hear- "Victoria Secret is having a vagina sale.." Did we hear that right? That set the tone for the rest of the show.
Morgane came out one more time in a nice little baby blue number, but the camera man didn't give her the lense time she deserved. It's a tough show to stand out in; a clover field with a dozen 10 point bucks milling about. Which one is the shooter? On the hole it's about the tackiest production of so-called pop culture entertainment, our rather sick society can come up with. Next year ditch the family Klum, trim some of those feathers, throw that big floppy hat in the dumpster and keep that camera on Morgane Dubled. She's our hunting buddy.


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