Thursday, December 6, 2007


I live between two rather large chicken farms. If the wind comes from the west you smell Gibbers . If it's out of the east you smell Egg U. It's not over powering, but a subtle, back of the pallete stench. Yesterday was the first time I ever visited either. After a week of empty traps i decided to see if Egg U. could provide some tastier bait. Per my request, a friendly worker said, "I always have dead chickens.", then emerged from the back carrying a large garbage bag containing a half dozen, dead, shit covered hens. Yummy.
Because of the brutal weather I haven't worked all week. My days have been filled with checking and resetting traps, and deer hunting. My nights I spend huddled next to the woodstove trying to keep warm. In each set I wired a chicken to a piece of rebar driven into the frozen ground. Then I plucked and scattered some feathers, splashed around a little fox urine and moved on. In this hard, snowy landscape the coyotes have to be getting hungry. This morning I'll see if it works.
After deer season is over I'll do my best to hunt the 'yotes. As I mentioned, this is not an easy thing to do. Plus, you think it's cold now? Just wait. To this end I purchased something called a "Quiver Critter". This device is a piece of bent wire attached to a battery pack and stake. A cute , fuzzy bunny puppet slides over the wire. When you turn it on, the rabbit does a shivering, epileptic dance. Combine this jerky, erratic movement with the high pitched screams of a dying animal and according to the box "They can't resist!" For now I have it waiting on my kitchen table. Every morning before I hit the woods I give the QC a little rub and say a prayer. Maybe this talisman will do the trick. Please let me shoot straight and true if i see a buck. And if there is a coyote in my set, don't let him suffer until I can dispatch him cleanly.....through the ribs with one shot from my .22. Amen.


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