Thursday, July 3, 2008


Yesterday I went for a bite down at the local bar and ran into an old friend Evits Snyder. I've known Evits since forever. I have a picture of the two of us as 8 year old baseball players. As we downed our lunch we got talking about the state of things- skyrocketing gas prices, encroaching unemployment, no health insurance, food riots, global warming, floods, wild fires, war, cancer, rape, starvation, torture....I ordered the cheezeburger. Evits had the Italian sub. We both wanted the liver and onions. But they took it off the menu.
Sitting in that cool dark bar, ticking off the world's problems, we kept harkening back to the salad days of our early adulthood in the 70's. Things were tough when we were crapped out of the education system into the work force. Interest rates were in the double digits. Gas went from 25 cents to 50 cents per gal. in the blink of an eye and you had to wait in long lines to get it. Vietnam was just winding down and Iran and Iraq were heating up. Unemployment was 50%. The Northeast was not the place to be. Evits went to Florida and I went to Cali. By the end of the decade Carter was out and Reagon was in. Before long interest rates went down, gas was plentiful and the party was back on. We both returned to NY. What happened?
Reagon and his puppetmasters decided that a straw president/actor and a corporate cabal could run the country (and the world) way better than politicians. It was a little like the Tudors in cowboy hats. And surprise, surprise, it worked. Big tobacco sold poisonous nicotine delivery systems as health aides at 50 cents per pack. Big oil went into Alaska and bullied OPEC and gas stayed below 75 cents. The hostages came home. Vietnam became a distant memory. After Carter's teetotling admininistration, booze came back to the Whitehouse. Coke was cheap and plentiful. Sure there was something called AIDS. But only fags and junkies got it. On the hole life was good. What happened?
By the time Big Bill was getting his pants pressed and cigar greased by Monica it was already to late. Remember this country was built on a slave economy and the genocide of indiginous peoples. As I look out my window at a new born calf and the oak tree swaying in a gentle breeze, I realize we're all living on borrowed time. Our society is in decline. The word "sustainability" that those granola eating, greenists love so much, rings hollow. We can't sustain a lifestyle that has been built on deception, greed, lies and crimes against humanity. Our days are numbered. Now if they'd just put the liver and onions back on the menu before it's too late.


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