Monday, January 17, 2011

MAX. FISH - one more year

With nothing to hunt but coyotes this time of year, I've hunkered down next to the woodstove, guitar, flip cam and mac in hand and am spewing out in a transmission frenzy. Disposabletv is in full effect, as is cinemabuns and huntingwithsupermodels. The other night, after attending Marianna Louise's opening in Brooklyn, Shewho and I went into Max. Fish (reprieved for another year from closing). The art changes but the place never does. The crowd remains about the same age and it's always jumping. We set up in the front booth with Chuck, DH, Gerb and a couple of guys i didn't know. Many a night I had sat in the same spot watching the door. Most times I just kept people from bringing bottles in or taking them out, in between bussing tables and chatting up the locals. Chuck was more the celeb wrangler and man of the scene. But once in a great while trouble came in the door. And it was up to me to handle it.
    There was this one guy XXX. He always carried a gun. I think he even killed somebody but I forget the details. The Fish was his hang out also. We would always be nice to the dude and more times than not he was civil also. But when he was loaded or being harassed by FiveO, or had women problems, the gun had a habit of coming out. I think it was a .25 automatic most times. But once in a while he carried a big .45. I was waiting in the bathroom line just behind him when a drunk kid bumrushed in front of XXX. The .45 was out in a flash. XXX had to pee and someone may have to die if he can't get to the toilet.
    I put my hand on his shoulder and real quietly asked him to put his gun away. The drunk kid was wobbly kneed and firmly glued to the bathroom door handle. XXX looked at me and was very puzzled but not angry. I whispered that he could just kick the shit outta the asshole if he wanted. He really didn't need the gun. Then he just sighed, thoroughly exasperated, and disappeared into the bathroom. When he came out we shook hands and I asked if he had washed it. Things were cool again.
I'm so happy that Ulli has another year at 178 Ludlow NYC.


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